Overdraft Protection

Our Checking Reserve Plan helps you guard against an accidental overdraft! You can establish a pre-approved line of credit that is tied to your checking account. We will automatically advance your account in multiples of $100.00.

Ask us how to:

  • Have peace of mind to ensure your checks won't be returned
  • Have a credit limit that fits your needs
  • Establish a monthly re-payment schedule

Other Products and Services

Wire Transfers

First State Bank Nebraska provides an incoming and outgoing wire service, offering a convenient way to send money from one place to another. To wire transfer funds from one of your First State Bank Nebraska accounts please contact your local branch.  

Night Depository

Most of our First State Bank Nebraska locations have a night depository for your convenience to place your bank deposit in after the bank is closed. This is a safe way to leave your deposit at the bank. Deposit receipts can be mailed to you if requested.

Safe Deposit Box Rental

Safe deposit box rental is available at most of our locations. Call your local office to inquire about rental of a box to protect your valuables. *Contents not insured by the FDIC