Dreams Start Here

 White Castle Roofing Crew  White Castle Crew

White Castle Roofing has a long history of success that dates back to 1985.  The Hansen family business has a strong foundation that starts with a great work ethic. They also know they wouldn't have the successful business they do today without a little help from First State Bank Nebraska along the way.  White Castle Roofing started small, one house at a time.  Luke Hansen, son of owner Mike Hansen, remembers helping out his dad at the age of 13.  White Castle Roofing takes pride in their work and it showed as they started to build a reputation of quality.  By word of mouth and referrals, their business started to take off.  Today, their main office is in Lincoln but there is also an office in Omaha.  White Castle Roofing has been able to continue to grow the business by making it a family affair.

The expansion of their business would not have been possible without First State Bank Nebraska.  The Hansen's trust their business and personal finances with First State and appreciate the community focus of the bank.  From when their business was just a dream, to the success they have today, First State has helped their dream become a reality.   Like First State, White Castle values their customer satisfaction, and that has been a driving force behind their business. 


Whether you're getting started or looking to grow- small business owners dream big.  Our experienced loan officers and customer-driven products help make us a leader in small business lending.  With First State Bank Nebraska, your vision for a more successful future starts today!  

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