Community Landscape 

Community Involvement

Community – a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural heritage.

The formal definition of a word can often times fail to do it justice. Community is one of those words where the definition doesn’t seemingly go far enough.

So, what does community mean to us? Well, it means supporting local businesses, donating to schools, perhaps sponsoring the local team, walking in parades and volunteering. Most importantly, community means having a presence and being involved – we are here for you! From Yutan to Filley and Western to Waverly, First State Bank Nebraska is built upon responsible banking and charitable community involvement.

We are not new to banking. In fact, we recently celebrated 100 years of community banking in Nebraska. You see a lot in 100 years, but despite the growth of electronic transactions and the technology boom, one fundamental thing has not changed. A community needs a strong bank and a community bank needs a strong community, which is why we invest so much back into local hospitals, schools, foundations, parks, festivals and clubs. So, when you see our diamond logo at the baseball park, in the yearbook, in the paper or proudly displayed on Main Street, please know we appreciate you and the places we call home.

Whether you have just opened an account or your family has banked with us for 100 years – we thank you!